How Sponsorship Helps

"A society gets what it celebrates." – Dean Kamen

How does your Sponsorship help?

The GEAR Alliance is a Colorado registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. It receives support funds from various sources, including corporate donations, public foundations and charities, government grants, individual donations, student fundraisers and student fees. Your sponsorship, which is tax-deductible, will help cover expenses ranging from learning materials and robot hardware to competition fees and travel expenses.

Each year we face many challenges. With our new building and 501(c)(3) status, we are now taking on the financial/legal burdens once covered by the school district. We have on-going costs for utilities, insurance and operating expenses. We must now maintain our specialized machining equipment. Our success in robotics is leading to expensive out of state travel opportunities for our students. At the current time, all mentors and students cover their own travel expenses. A student that participates in every opportunity offered would need to cover approximately $1600 in personal expenses. It is our goal that the organization would eventually cover many of these expenses so that every student can participate. In addition, our volunteer mentors incur heavy expenses for travel and cover many of the incidentals, using their personal tools, supplies and vehicles to support our activities. Our goal is to reduce, and ideally eliminate, many of these personal expenses for the mentors involved.