Mission & Inclusivity


Our mission is to provide an inclusive environment for teaching and inspiring students through mentor-based science & technology programs that engage students technically through instruction and real-world engineering challenges, and socially through teamwork, community service, and leadership.


Our differences are our greatest strength.

The GEAR Alliance is a robotics community that prepares leaders and learners for the future. We include, accept, value, and trust each other. A vital part of our mission is to uplift all who come through our doors.

We strive to understand the broader societal context of economic, educational, and social factors historically leading to unique challenges. We actively engage in developing and implementing strategies that remove barriers and ensure greater access to STEM education so that all youth can participate.

For some of us, it means summoning the courage to stand up and speak out, sharing opinions or experiences. For others, it means listening with patience and empathy. For our organization, it means to create a safe, open environment for conversations. For all of us, it means asking questions, respecting answers, being open to fresh perspectives, and, most importantly, appreciating one another's contributions to our robotics family.